Sunday, February 24, 2008

Comments Re: Leslie H. Sabo, American Hero

There are many pleasures and some pains in writing GeneaBlogie, but I don't think I've experienced anything quite as poignant as some of the comments I got about our piece on Sgt Leslie H. Sabo. I decided to give them upfront exposure and you'll understand why.

Moultrie Creek said...

Craig, thank you for spotlighting these stories. These men are great heroes and deserve our highest honors. My thanks also goes to the people who kept their stories alive and continued the fight to insure those honors were awarded.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Rose Mary Sabo Brown. The article you posted is about my husband. I just wanted let you know that this article was wonderful. Thank you so much for recognizing his story. I am anxiously awaiting for him to be awarded the Medal of Honor. He so deserves it. I am so proud of him.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Kathleen E. Starkey. I am Rose Mary Sabo Brown's sister. I was introduced to Leslie when I was 12 yrs. old, in which we immediately connected and became fast friends. I loved him like a brother, and he was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to.
A few years later I was asked by my sister and him to be in their wedding. Even though I was just a kid, I felt honored to be apart of something very special. The love that was between them was so real, it made we want to have someone that special in my life too.
The day we found out our beloved Leslie was taken from us, left a hole in all our hearts. We never really knew exactly what happened to him in that foreign country and imaginations all ran wild. When we finally found out the truth about how he died, it gave us closure.
Incidentally, we weren't surprised to find that he died a hero, he was all of our heroes to begin with.
I know in my heart he is in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ simply because he gave the ultimate gift, his life for his comrades.
He deserves this Medal of Honor, not only for what he did in Vietnam, but for who he was in everyone's life.
I will always love and miss him. Till we meet again in heaven,
your little sister,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Rick Brown and I was with Leslie Sabo that day in Cambodia May10,1970.The day before I had my 19th birthday and so I was very young.There is not a day since that I have not thought of Les Sabo and the other seven men we lost that day.I am writing this because Les and the rest we lost made it possible that I am here.On Jan 24,2008 I lost my best friend George Koziol to cancer who fought so hard to see that Les Sabo received the Medal of Honor.George was a witness to what Les did and was severely wounded as well.Les Sabo was in the 2nd Platoon and I was in the 3rd Platoon.Les was a man that gave up his life to protect us on that battlefield that day.Les Sabo will always be remember by his Brothers from Bravo Co 3/506 101st Abn

I was glad to bring this story of heroism to our audience. I'm very sorry to hear of the passing of George Koziol who did so much to keep the memory of Sgt Sabo's heroism alive. Now that a date has been set for another overlooked soldier's Medal ceremony, we hopefully can expect Leslie Sabo's family and friends to receive word soon of their trip to the White House. May God bless them.


Anonymous said...

Thank so much for your wonderful article about Leslie H Sabo.There was seven other heroes that day.They were Ernest L Moore.Lawrence N Deboer,Thomas B Merriman,Fred W Harms,Donald W Smith,Leslie J Wilbanks,and James E Wilbanks.My name is Rick Brown and I was privileged to serve with these men that day May10,1970.

Anonymous said...

I would like to correct a previous post of mine of the men we lost in Cambodia.The last name I mention is James E Debrew and not James Wilbanks.My apology to the Debrew family. Rick Brown