Sunday, February 24, 2008

UPDATE: Date Set for Woodrow Keeble Medal of Honor Ceremony

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Master Sergeant Woodrow Wilson Keeble, who deserved the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Korean War. He didn't get it then, but Congress last month passed a law that authorized the Medal for him now.

Yesterday, I got this comment from "atrulling:"

On March 3,2008 Woody will finally receive his Medal of Honor!!!
And indeed, that is the case. Here is part of the transcript of Friday's "gaggle" in the White House press room by spokesman Scott Stanzel:

WASHINGTON--(February 22, 2008)

James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

9:34 A.M. EST

MR. STANZEL: Good morning, everyone. I was going to say, for those of you who have been traveling, welcome back -- but I'm not sure if we have anyone -- you're all well rested.

I'll go through the President's schedule today and then take your questions, and I can do the week ahead at the end.

This morning the President had his normal briefings at 8:00 a.m. And at 10:05 a.m. he's recording the radio address, and the radio address is about the urgent need for Congress to pass legislation to provide our intelligence officials all the tools that they need to protect America from terrorist attacks. So it will be focused on the Protect America Act.

Also want to note that the -- on the Northern Illinois University memorial service, last week the President offered condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the tragic campus shootings at Northern Illinois University. The President has asked Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt to serve as his personal representative at the memorial service at Northern Illinois University. And that occurs on Sunday evening, this Sunday, the 24th. So we have that.

Also another announcement, the Medal of Honor ceremony coming up will be honoring Master Sergeant Woodrow Keeble of the U.S. Army. That will be on March 3rd. The President will posthumously award the Medal of Honor to Master Sergeant Woodrow Keeble. He distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism on October 20, 1951, while serving as the acting platoon sergeant for the support platoon in Company G, 19th Infantry, near Sang San-Ni, Korea.

Q Can you spell that?

MR. STANZEL: Sang San?

Q No, his last name.

MR. STANZEL: Oh, I'm sorry; yes. Master Sergeant Woodrow Keeble, K-e-e-b-l-e.

Q Where was he from, do we know?

MR. STANZEL: I don't know that, we can get that.

Q Can you put out a background paper on this, since it's 1951 -- obviously we don't have all the relevant data.

MR. STANZEL: You don't have AP archives back to '51?

* * *

The "gaggle" is a daily briefing for the White House press corps to keep them up to date on things happening with the President and in the White House. (Those reporters need to read GeneaBlogie! In fact, so does the White House spokesman!)

Seriously, congratulations to MSgt Keeble's family and all those who kept alive the memory of his heroism.

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