Thursday, February 28, 2008


What technology is indispensable to me as a genealogist and family historian? Well, don't expect any big surprises here--my indispensable choices are rather pedestrian.

Hardware: My 2GB thumb drive is invaluable. It makes my data portable and it's a decent backup.

Software: Okay, I know I'll seem like a caveman, but for me it's got to be PAF 5.2. I've also got the latest iteration of RootsMagic, but I started with PAF and it's still like a companion you grow especially fond of.

Website: Although I subscribe to a number of commercial sites and regularly visit many excellent non-pay sites, there's nothing like Google, with all its accessories like Google Books, Google Scholar, and so forth. I've broken through several brickwalls with Google's help when the commercial sites yielded nothing! I've just fallen in love with Google StreetView!


Ken Spangler said...

It's been years since I tried PAF but I didn't really like it when I did try it. However, I see that you are also using Roots Magic. I've seen several others mention this one and I am seriously thinking of giving it a try.

I really enjoy your posts and thank you for sharing with us all.

Janice said...


I carry a thumb drive around with me on my keychain. What did we ever do without them! They are getting cheaper too!