Monday, June 30, 2008

Jamboree: Was It Worth It?

This is a fair question. I look at it from a cost/benefits point of view. The cost of the program itself for me was about $215, to which I have to add hotel costs for two nights (I was actually there for three nights, but I assign one night's cost to another mission), food, and airfare. So for me, living out of the area, the cost was fairly significant. On the benefits side, I must say that in terms of raw knowledge, I probably didn't learn anything I didn't already know to some degree or another. But what I did get were important insights into many issues. And as well, I met people, good people, smart people, people who were both good and smart! I think the opportunity to meet in one place all the folks I did meet is a significant benefit. In my calculus, I think the benefits outweighed the costs. It was worth it!

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Denise Levenick said...

Craig, I am glad you made the trip south so that I could meet you! Thanks for the blogging encouragement.