Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Research Resource: Immigrant Servants Database

This site is part of the marketing program of a Salt Lake City-based genealogical research firm called Price & Associates. The purpose of the database is to help Americans trace the European origins of their colonial-era ancestors. A significant number of colonists came to America as indentured or bonded servants. For example, we know (from other sources) that a number of the Mansons who came in the eighteenth century came as indentured servants. Among these were Jane Manson, a single woman who arrived in Savannah from Kirkwall aboard the Marlborough in 1775; and William Manson, who arrived with his family on the same voyage. Although these Scots-Irish immigrants are well-documented, curiously, they do not appear among the 10,754 names in the Price & Associates database.

There are some interesting maps on this site and some other useful information, but the main purpose is to market Price & Associates' professional genealogical services.

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