Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Read Nita Ighner

Unabashed (well, may be somewhat abashed) praise for fellow researcher.

Nita Ighner is the extraordinary scribe of Diggin' Up Bones, which chronicles her search for her paternal ancestors. Nita does hard work, the results of which can be described as real scholarship. But hers is a humanizing scholarship. She does her work with such an obvious personal pride and empathetic connection that is unrivaled in the personal genealogical blogs that I read. She is an excellent writer which makes her posts compelling reading. I think her material is essential reading for anyone doing family history research.

Now Nita has a new blog, entitled "On the Other Side," which can be found at www.ermasroots.blogspot.com. It chronicles her search for her maternal forebears. She's just launched it this week, but it's obvious already that she will put the same hard work, sensitivity, and enthusiasm into it which characterizes her other work. I'm eager to see more.

Now for the slightly abashed part: I must say (*blush* if I could), that I am intrigued by the somewhat enigmatic profile than Nita has written for herself. The hip picture is particularly compelling. Of course it may not even be her; it may simply be an avatar. Perhaps the striking rendition represents what intellect and empathy look like combined.

Go read the latest from Diggin Up Bones and On the Other Side.


Lee Anders said...

Thanks for the pointer! Not only am I enjoying her blogs but I followed the links in her blogroll, and hit pay dirt! I love it when folks point out "new to me" genealogy blogs!

Thanks again!

Nita said...

Craig, Thank you for your awesome words! I am speechless and extremely pleased at the same time.