Sunday, August 06, 2006

Diamond Anniversary

Today marks the 75th wedding anniversary of James Robert Long (1912-1977) and Thelma Cloretta Smith (1914-2001). James was the 14th and youngest child of James William Long (1866-1945) and Mary Elizabeth Liza Jane Johnson (1870-1946). Thelma Cloretta Smith, sometimes referred to as "Aunt Sis," was one of nine, and perhaps more, children of George Gershon Smith Sr. (1882-1943), and Lena Mae Moten (1884-1965).

Both parties were under age at the time of their marriage; both of their mothers consented to the marriage.

James and Thelma Long had four children: Blanche Louise Long (1931-1996), who was married to Delbert Stovall, and then Arthur Wallace Jr.; Adolf R. Long (1933-1993); Doris Long Bilberry (1939-1998); and my cousin Eddie Long who survives his siblings.

If my arithmetic is correct, there are presently living 52 descendants of James and Thelma Long.

Parental consent form for marriage of James Long and Thelma Smith

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