Sunday, October 28, 2007

Southern California Fires: Genealogical Events

Our fellow genea-blogger, Randy Seaver, was as close to the recent California fires as anyone we know and he reported and "mused' about them last week. It was a reminder that "all history is personal." [An Air Force general I know told me that once--he doesn't claim to have originated it].

Randy and his family are safe, but as we know, many families lost everything. Talk about making family history! Natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires (some of the latter, of course, not being completely "natural") are always genealogical events. They change the course of family history for those who experience them--victims and responders alike.

Some will lose their homes and have to move somewhere else; others, unfortunately, will lose their lives. The effects may be felt for generations yet to come: lives that will change; lives that will move; lives that will never be the same; some lives that simply never will be. May they all find the peace they need in this moment.

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