Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'll Be Workin' on The Railroad

[Posted from Kansas City, Missouri]

Tomorrow evening, we board the west-bound Southwest Chief to head back to GeneaBlogie Headquarters.

Despite the shaky start, it's been a good trip and we return with a treasure trove of information that we'll be analyzing and writing about in the coming weeks. One of the difficulties of a trip like this is that you spend so much time working that you lose the chance to do a lot of writing. (Or a lot of reading for that matter. I can't wait to get caught up on my favorite genea-blogs. I've missed you all!).

Photo Grrl has a lot more photos she took, and I spent considerable time with my own one-person Scanfest. A lot of these photos need some editing and retouching, and we'll be getting to that in the coming weeks as well.

I've also spent some time testing and re-testing the technology that I would use to stay connected so we could post from aboard the train. At this writing, it works; however, it is so slow that it may not be worthwhile. We'll keep trying, but this may be the last post for several days.

We'll be in Los Angeles by August 1.

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