Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keeping Up: Facebook

I've had a bit of difficulty keeping up lately. One cause among many: Facebook! (see Tim Agazio's remarks here. I concur with a lot of what you say, Tim!) I do enjoy the networking among folks with similar interests, but it can get out of hand

I actually did find people that I actually know on Facebook. That fact and George Geder's recent posts about his school days led me to post this photo:

That's me and a high school friend I hadn't seen or heard from in over 35 years until I noticed she's on Facebook. It was fun to re-connect and get caught up.

Like Tim, I got into Facebook primarily because I want to participate in the Unclaimed Persons group. But I haven't had time, what with all the Friend requests, Karma sending, updating status, etc.! I'm going to have to be more efficient at this.

From a research point of view, I see a number of advantages, though, to Facebook. The collaboration that goes on in the Unclaimed Persons group is a good example. I wrote once about an ad hoc group that convened by email to solve a problem in one of the family lines we were all researching. Facebook would have enhanced that experience.

I searched on Facebook to find possible cousins, but I didn't find this all that helpful. I did the same thing on LinkedIn and that seemed much easier.

The thing we have to keep in mind is that social networking is a tool, and not an end in itself. Otherwise, one could spend an entire lifetime with only virtual contact with human beings. On to Second Life!

And finally, in the category of keeping up with the Geders, take a look at this:


Anonymous said...



Facebook is daunting! I need to take a day or two away from it so I can gain some perspective.

It does, however, seem to be a good place to share stories and similar experiences. You're right, it's going to take time to be efficient with it.

(And scanfest is coming up, oh lawd, lawd, lawd).

Somebody, put more hours in the day!

"Guided by the Ancestors"

A. Spence said...

I signed up for Myspace for the same reason. So many friends I haven't heard from in years, I've now been in contact.

Even found my BFF from 3rd grade.

Tim said...


I agree, the networking part and also about things getting out of hand. There are too many interesting looking links and applications to click can waste a lot of time on that site! I guess it takes a good amount of discipline!

Thanks for the link!