Friday, February 01, 2008

Getting Caught Up

I fell behind here the last few weeks and getting caught up has beeen harder than I thought it would be. Among the causes have been starting the new semester at school; our lousy weather; and the effects of a terrible ergonomic situation.

This last issue--ergonomics--is important. For reasons that are too complicated to go into here, I've had to re-locate and re-organize my work space. This is only temporary, but I'm using furniture that's not designed for computer work. So I've had back, neck, and back pain lately. It's taken away from my productivity and dampened my enthusiasm for things that I have to do on the computer [which is just about everything!].

The solutions are not complicated and since the problems are rather common, I've included some links I hope everyone can find useful.

OSHA Computer Workstation Ergonomics Solutions

CDC Computer Workstation Ergonomics

Stanford University Computer Ergonomics Training Course


Janice said...


I hope the ergonomic chair and workstation help your neck and back pain. If it doesn't, consider seeing a massage therapist who specializes in medical massage.


PS: Is there any way I can beg a link in your "What I Read" list?

Craig Manson said...

Boy am I embarrassed! I do read CowHampshire and it's one of my favorites! I need to pay more attention to what's on my site! You shouldn't have had to beg. I apologize! But it's there now!