Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Greatest Finds Ever

My "Greatest Genealogical Find Ever" elicited very interesting responses from a host of genea-bloggers.

Colleen at The Oracle of OMcHoDoy writes about the mystery of the Doyle women.

Lisa tells us a bit about her great-great-grandfather John Donnelly and the Mollie McGuires at Small-leaved Shamrock.

On Destination:Austin Family, Thomas MacEntee shares a tiny magical book with us .

Apple tells us how her 4th great-grandfather Capt Daniel Carlisle became a "real person" for her.

Discovering nine ancestors on the same ship was a great find for Becky at kinexxions.

At OakvilleBlackwalnut, Dave lists five great finds he'd like to make.

Terry Snyder, the (Fremont, Ohio) News-Messenger's Desktop Genealogist has a two-parter about "Grandpa's Final Resting Place" here and here.

Lori Thornton at Smoky Mountain Family Historian tells of a find that actually caused me to go do some Georgia research. (If something turns up, of course I'll tell about it!).

Jasia ponders thoughtfully and gives us a hint about her next Carnival entry at Creative Gene.

Randy explains his greatest finds at Genea-Musings.

These were all great--thanks, and I hope I didn't miss anyone.

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