Sunday, September 30, 2007

A "Relatively" New Blog of Interest

Karen Burney, who's one of my Brayboy cousins, has a new blog up called Louisiana Lineage Legacies. Karen shares the stories of her 15 years of genealogical research. Although it is focused on Louisiana, she has a wealth of information about her research in other states, like South Carolina. The surnames she's studied include Brayboy, Morris, Jefferson, Chestnut, Hines, and Pressley, Smith, Green, Greene, and Brittentine, among others. (Brayboy, Jefferson, and Pressley occur in my family tree, too). She's got a lot of very interesting historical materials from Louisiana and South Carolina on the site, too. And check out so me of her research resources, as well!

I ran into Karen a few nights ago at the Family History Center in Arden Arcade, California, not far from my home in Carmichael. She told me a bit about the family reunion she went to in Kansas City a few weeks after I had been there. And she mentioned this new site. If you have any connections to Louisiana, you'll find something worthwhile there.

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