Thursday, August 02, 2007

Magazine Features Genea-Bloggers

[Posted from Los Angeles, California]

A magazine called Internet Genealogy, which appears in both print and online editions, has posted its September issue, which includes mention of a number of geneabloggers, including Creative Gene, Randy's Musings, The Genealogue, and GeneaBlogie.

I had never heard of Internet Genealogy magazine until I was contacted by e-mail a few months ago by author Donna Pointkouski. I found out it is published by the venerable Moorshead publishing house. Halvor Moorshead is the founder of Internet Genealogy. Described as "charming and knowledgeable" by Miriam Midkiff, Moorshead also publishes History Magazine and Family Chronicle.

The article on geneablogging talks about how to get started, how to build initial readership, and the benefits of blogging. One important point made by Jasia was that genea-blogging is a "whole other hobby" in addition to one's own genealogical research.

The September issue also includes articles on the Top Ten Tech Toys for Genealogists, Unexpected Bonuses in Online Newspapers, Getting the Most Out of Google's Tools, and more.

Internet Genealogy magazine is available by subscription. Published in Canada, the print edition is $28US per year and the online edition is $21US per year. Back issues are available for $3.50US each.


Becky said...

Craig, congratulations on being one of the bloggers highlighted in the article! Hope it brings all of you some new readers.

Craig Manson said...


Thanks! I view the article as a positive development for our entire community, and expect that it will benefit everybody who does this crazy thing!