Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Little Photographic Treat from The Research Trip

[Posted from Los Angeles, California]

In several posts in the last year, I've mentioned the Oblate Sisters of Providence (see The French Negroes of Illinois series, here, here, and here; and the Gunsmoke post). In St Louis, I found this photograph of Sister Mary Philomena (nee Emma Micheau) and Sister Mary Celestine (nee Adelaide "Addie" Francis Micheau). That's Sister Philomena on the left and Sister Celestine is on the right. The woman in the middle is Mary Angelique Micheau (1873-1959), also known as "Nin."

Addie and Nin were the daughters of George Micheau (1852-1942). Emma, the daughter of Marshall Emmanuel Micheau (1878-1954), was their niece.

Nin was not a nun.


George Geder said...


I'm enjoying this photograph.
I'm also enjoying that last line:

'Nin was Not a Nun'

Makes a great first line or title. LOL

"Guided by the Ancestors"

Craig Manson said...

I enjoy your comments, George!