Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We're in Kansas City!

We made the trip from St Louis to Kansas City in record time this afternoon with the GeneaBlogie staff photographer (aka Photo Grrl) at the wheel of a 2007 Pontiac Firebird Grand Am. Photo Grrl went to college in Leavenworth, Kansas, several decades ago and is well-familiar with all the speed enforcement agencies between KC and St Louis. On this trip, she showed she still has the right stuff as she evaded every trap the local yokels, county mounties, and state smokies could devise.

Though tired out by the hypersonic journey, we had dinner with Aunt Delorise Gines and made plans for research adventures in northwest Missouri. We'll be heading out to several cemeteries, to the Clay County Archives, the KCMO and KCKS public libraries, and one or two other places. We'll be scanning Aunt Dee's extensive collection of photographs and funeral programs. On Saturday, we'll have a mini-family reunion of sorts.

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