Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tagged: Thinking Blogger Awards

One thing that happened during my summer school adventure was that Bill West of West In New England tagged me (along with four others) with The Thinking Blogger Award. I appreciate very much the peer recognition that's the inherent basis of this meme.

Now I'm to tag five other bloggers in similar fashion. Because of summer school, I got to this rather slowly and some that I tag may already have been tagged. But here's my list:

Writing the Westward Sagas by David Bowles: The writing here is delightful and informative. Bowles describes himself as a "tale spinner," and indeed, no other description could be as accurate.

The Practical Archivist by Sally Jacobs: Like David Bowles, Sally Jacobs has precisely accurately slef-described her work. This is a great place to find down-to-earth advice, tips, and hints that every historian, genealogist and archivist can really use.

Ancestories by Miriam Robbins Midkiff: An accomplished writer, Miriam is a thinking, researching genealogist as well. Her posts about her ancestral families are poignant. She shares information about her genealogical society work, too; we clearly see how much she loves doing what she does.

Begat Chat: An example of Katie's thoughtful contributions was her recent post I Only Have an Hour! What Can I Accomplish?

There re so many thoughtful bloggers that picking those five was not very easy. Now go check out how this all got started: The Thinking Blog.

Again, thanks to Bill, for recognizing GeneaBlogie.


Miriam said...

Thank you so much, Craig! By the way, you were on my original list, which I kept having to modify because my candidates were being tagged by others before I had a chance to blog. It's a good thing there are so many thinking bloggers out there!

Craig Manson said...

Thanks, Miriam!