Saturday, June 09, 2007

Product Review: Find-A-Grave

The geneablogosphere has been buzzing lately with news of exciting partnerships, new databases, and innovative technologies--all of which I'm very enthused about. This morning, however, I was reminded that some of the existing, older research products out there remain highly valuable and worth revisiting from time to time.

I had not visited Find-A-Grave in quite awhile, but I ended up there this morning in the course of a lengthy Google search. At Find-A-Grave, I found details and photos about several folks whose names have turned up in this space. As a result, I found information that I had not seen anywhere else.

For example, I've written about Daniel Henry Sanford. I did not know his exact date of birth, nor did I know his wife' s complete maiden name. At Find-A-Grave, there was this post. This great contribution by Ronnie Bodine tells us D.H. Sanford's date of birth, his wife's complete maiden name, and gives us not only picture of the gravesite, but a nice photo of Daniel and Texonia together.

Someone else has contributed this photo of Daniel's father's gravesite. I also came across an entry for a Mrs. E.G. Sanford of Milam County. That's a name I'd never heard before. She must have some relationship to the other Sanfords in Milam County. I haven't found her in any census record yet either.

Find-A-Grave also has entries for Izola Manson (my great-uncle Carl's wife) Perry W. Gines (my uncle) and his wife Kay.

Find-A-Grave depends on data contributed by users. There are some users who have contributed thousands of photos and other information. [Several years ago, I contributed this information on Amanda McCray Bowie. I noticed today, however, that my photo has been replaced by another one. I think mine was better.]

There are thousands of entries on Find-A-Grave. It's simple to use and simple to contribute. When you're scanning gravesite photos for your own use, help other researchers by stopping in at Find-A-Grave and sharing what you have.

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