Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Coming Events

As I mentioned the other day, I'm teaching summer school on a very intense schedule that for a few days will dominate my time. So blogging will be a little light for about a week. But coming up are some interesting things. I've discovered two downright ne'er-do-wells on a remote branch of the family tree. And in July, something completely different . . . it will be a treat! Don't go away; we'll be right back!


Miriam said...

Looking forward to reading your new posts, Craig!

George Geder said...


I'm new to your blog and am enjoying it.

Do you have a relative in the San Francisco Bay Area that works for BART? If so, they may be a former colleague of mine!

Craig Manson said...

I have Bowie relatives in the Bay Area. . . maybe there are others I don't know about yet! What is the surname?

Thanks for reading and enjoying!

George Geder said...


My friend's name is Robert 'Bob' Manson.

He sort of favors you; at least let me say that the two of you could be from the same tribe. LOL

"Guided by the Ancestors"