Thursday, March 15, 2007

The World Is Not Black and White

What on Earth would a Missouri cattle rancher have in common with a Harlem gospel singer? Especially when one is "white" and the other "black"? Well, it seems they're cousins.
The New York Times reported on the family reunion of Marion West and Vy Higginsen (and don't assume you know which is which from their names alone).

DNA brought these cousins together and helped underline an immutable truth about life in America today: if your family has been here more than a couple of generations, there's a good chance you're more than what people perceive you to be.

In my neighborhood, the 2000 census reports 13 householders of "one race" and one householder of "two or more races." That's because my neighbors aren't genealogists!

I think people can call themselves whatever they want (that's what freedom's all about); however, the fact is that we're made up of each other. And that's good news. Perhaps technology is now showing us what our spiritual leaders have been saying for centuries.

Have pride in all you are!

Kimberly Powell
and Chris Dunham have also noted this story.

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