Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A House in Rockport

In the 1920's, Hattie Bryant and several of her children lived here. Jessie Bowie and her brother Elias Bowie, as well Herman Walker and Evaline lived here. It was in the Bryan family for a very long time. No running water, no indoor toilet; and until relatively recently, no street adress. Ahhh, the 20th century!


Demetrius said...

Do you know when that photo was taken, Craig? Its hard to place the time period from the image itself.

Craig Manson said...

Good question. The photo is a snapshot I found in a collection of family photos in my parents' house in California. I had actually seen the Rockport house in 1962; the photograph is an accurate depiction of what it looked like at that time. Given that, and considering the vintage of the other photos it was found with, I believe the photo was probably taken sometime between 1963 and 1966. The house was probably originally built around 1910. My father was actually born in this house. The structure was demolished sometime in the 1970s; the land was sold in the mid-1990s.