Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Madeline Bowie

Some time ago, I came across Texas state records which indicated that my father had a sister that he had not known about. Her name was Madeline Bowie, born on May 27, 1930, in Rockport, Texas. I spent some time thinking about whether it or how I would tell my father about this discovery. I wondered if he would be upset at having learned this more than 75 years after the fact. Finally, after a discussion with with my mother, I did tell my father about his sister. He was excited and enthusiastic about the possibility of finding her. Well now after more than a year of pursuing various leads, I have learned that Madeline died the same day she had been born.


Jude said...

It's great that you found her. People should be remembered, even when they aren't with us too long. Her parents obviously cared about her because they gave her a name, even if they didn't mention her to your dad.

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