Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Monroe Bryant

A Brief Update

Last week, I wrote about getting Sam Bryant's obituary from the Corpus Christi Public Libraries. I mentioned briefly Uncle Sam's surviving brother, Monroe. Citing family lore, I noted that Monroe "had wanderlust." In fact, I'd been told that Monroe was "a drunk." About the time I wrote about Sam's obit, I had just learned that Monroe may have died in Sacramento County, California, where the GeneaBlogie Bloggcast Center is now located.

Today, I had to be downtown for awhile and on the way back, I stopped by the county recorder's office to look up Monroe Bryant's death certificate. He did in fact die at the Sacramento County Hospital on December 3, 1953. The cause of death: cirrhosis of the liver. He was a "restaurant worker." The information was provided by Elias Bowie, the son of Monroe's sister, Hattie Bryant.

Monroe Bryant is buried at Sacramento's East Lawn Memorial Cemetery.

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