Friday, March 24, 2006

2006 Research Trip: Salt Lake City!

Spring Break Adventure Begins March 26!

A rainy start to spring break finds me and the Sacramento Kings on our way to Salt Lake City, all hoping for a big payoff! The Kings are trying to stay afloat in the NBA playoff picture. I'm looking forward to a few days of rewarding research at the Family History Library.

I had originally thought of spending the break in Rockdale, Texas, one of the Manson ancestral homelands. My thought was that I would take my father to his father's hometown, where he'd never been. But then Dad got ill, and I wasn't sure I was going anywhere. I also toyed with the notion of going back to Georgia, the venue of our 2005 research trip. This time, though, we'd stop at the State Archives and head for Talbot County, neither of which were on last year's itinerary.

After talking to a few folks, I came to realize that a trip to Salt Lake City could accomplish nearly everything I wanted to do elsewhere in less time and at less cost. A look at the Family History Library's Catalog online confirms this.

I'll be traveling via Amtrak's California Zephyr (train travel is another hobby of mine; at less than $150 round-trip from Sacramento, it's a great deal). Salt Lake hotels offer "genealogy packages" reasonably priced. Of course, we'll have the Bloggcast Remote Operations Center online for daily updates, so stay tuned!
Image of Family History Library copyright (c) Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

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