Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 Resolutions

I never did like the idea of "New Year's Resolutions." But I do have in mind some goals, research-wise, that I'd like to achieve this year. The serious-minded among you should stop reading here and see Chris's 2006 research plan.

The Gines Family

Modest Goal: I'd like to track down the parents of Richard William Gines (b. 1860, Bossier Parish, Louisiana; d.?, Shreveport, Louisiana). A trip to the Bayou State seems in order. A trip would also help me find the parents of "Dick's" mother-in-law, Syntrilla Brayboy.

Major Goal: Link the Gines, LeJay and Brayboy families in Louisiana to the families in South Carolina.

The Mansons

Modest Goal: Find the parents of Charlotte Manson in North Carolina.

The Birdsong Family

Modest Goal: Find any evidence of George Preston Birdsong's trip to Texas in 1884 and subsequent 20 year stay and eventual return to Georgia.

The Gilberts

Major Goal: Verify or debunk the anecdotes about Sarah Gilbert's being an Indian.

The Long Family

Modest Goal: Discover the origins of James "Old Man" Long (c. 1831-?).

Overall Goals:

Learn, Share, Enjoy, Appreciate

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