Wednesday, September 07, 2005

More "Katrina" Family Stories

From USA Today:

HOUSTON — Where does it end for Linda Bowie? Happily reunited with her mother in a hospital room somewhere in Texas, in Louisiana, perhaps in Illinois?

Or in a morgue, identifying her mother's body a week or more after Bowie watched the ailing 82-year-old being lifted into a helicopter amid the post-Katrina chaos near New Orleans' Superdome?

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And from the "other side" of the family in another part of the country, the Bangor [Me] Daily News reports:

Out on the tarmac at Bangor International Airport on Tuesday, Richard Bowie was busy organizing a mission to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina. As director of the Bangor-based Down East Emergency Medicine Institute, or DEEMI, Bowie was clearly in his element - bustling around the supply trailers, taking inventory of water, food, clothing, medical needs, safety gear and camping equipment for 15 frustrated volunteers who are champing at the bit to get down to the Gulf Coast and help.

Read the rest of the story here.

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DeAnna B said...

So sorry to hear that this has impacted your family. :( I don't know if condolences from a stranger can be worth much, but I offer them anyway.