Thursday, September 01, 2005

Madness in the Big Easy

I'm back from my longest vacation ever [22 days], and I had planned to write about a number of topics, but Nature intervened with fury. In my day job, we're dealing with relief efforts and the tasks are tough. Obviously most resources right now have to go to ameliorating human suffering, but there are other aspects to be dealt with as well, as time permits.

Their bags are packed with safety glasses, gloves, masks, boots and suits. As soon as they hit the ground in New Orleans, they plan to set up triage tents and long tables.

Then the emergency team from the National Park Service will begin its work: blotting, washing, drying, straightening and preserving centuries of historical artifacts that tell the story of one of the oldest U.S. cities.

Read the rest of the Washington Post story here.

A blog called The Present Past has an assessment of damage to Civil War historic resources.

Give to The American Red Cross.

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