Sunday, July 31, 2005

Glorious August

GeneaBlogie's Calendar for August

Events and Anniversaries [Family members in bold]
1619--First African slaves arrive in Jamestown, Virginia.
1770--William Clark is born.
1790--First U.S. Census begins.
1492--Columbus sails from Palos de la Frontera, Spain; Ferdinand and Isabella expel Jews from Spain.
1964--Civil rights workers Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman and James Chaney found dead in Mississippi after disappearing on June 21.
1962--Actress and sex icon, Marilyn Monroe is found dead in her home after apparently overdosing on sleeping pills.
1891--Albert Emmanuel Bowie (Henry Bowie & Martha Cotton) born in Louisiana.
1931--James Robert Long and Thelma Cloretta Smith married in Kansas City, Missouri.
1935--Twins Frank William Gines, Sr. (d. 1999, Lakewood, Colorado), and Henry Edward Gines, Sr. (d. 1993, Lakewood, Colorado), born in Kansas City, Missouri. Their parents were Henry Willie Gines and Ora Mae Wilkerson.
1866-- Matthew Henson, Arctic explorer, is born.
1894--Arthur LeJay (d. 15 December 1968, Shreveport, Louisiana) born in De Soto Parish, Louisiana.
1906--Rufus Dwayne Bowie (d. 16 January 1977, Los Angeles, California) born in Gregg County, Texas. His parents were Eugene James Bowie and Mary Lola Elizabeth White.
1898--William Edward Gines (d. 9 May 1955 in Kansas City, Missouri) born in Shreveport, Louisiana. His parents were Richard William Gines and Sylvia LeJay.
1887--Benjamin Franklin Long (d. February 1966) born in Kansas City, Missouri. His parents were James William Long and Mary Elizabeth Liza Jane Johnson.
1883--Bob Bowie (d. 17 December 1939) born in Gregg County, Texas. His parents were John Wesley Bowie and Amanda McCray.
1904--Adlina LeJay (d. 22 July 1989 in Solano County, California) born in De Soto Parish, Louisiana. Her parents were Sandy LeJay and Celia Brown.
1850--Billy Brayboy born in South Carolina. His parents were William Brayboy and Bettie Brayboy.
1872--Washington Brayboy and Jennie Taylor married in Shreveport, Louisiana.
1942--Quentin Vennis Harold Manson and Janice Helder married in Rockport, Texas.
1890--Otis Manson and Bettie Sanford married in Rockdale, Texas.
1885--Roland Brayboy (d. January 1979) born in Shreveport, Louisiana.
1894--Lewis Gines and Anner Watson married in Pearl River, Mississippi.
1890--Addie Sanford and Abe White married in Milam County, Texas.
1908--Amos Johnson, Jr. (d. 3 July 1975) is born in Kansas City, Missouri. His parents were Amos Johnson and Mary Ferguson.
1733--John Birdsong III (d. 21 Sep 1790 in Union County, South Carolina) is born in York County, Virginia. His parents were John Birdsong II and Sarah Bennett.
1916--Douglas Brayboy (d. 20 Jun 1990 in Los Angeles, California) is born in Shreveport, Louisiana. His parents were Samuel Brayboy and Estella Thompson.
1913--Myrtis Bowie (d. 16 Jun 1993 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) is born. Her parents were Ed Bowie and Minnie Bowie.
1931--Quentin Vennis Harold Manson and Jessie Beatrice Bowie married in Rockport, Texas.
1864--Federal troops launch an assault on Atlanta, Georgia.

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My last name is Gines and my people have some orgins around Pearl River County, Mississippi and Louisiana but I know nothing of them. If you have additional information please e-mail me at