Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The Magnificent Bloggcession

People blog for many reasons, I suppose, and people geneablog for just as many reasons if not more. But my basic reason is to get to the core of my ultimate origins. So there will be ocassionally genea-philosophical pieces here, but just as often, pragmatic pieces about my search. Today began as a philosophical day, but then I thought, well, let's get right to it!

The Brick Walls

I've been at this search seriously for about nine months, which is not a great long time as these things go. It is not surprising that I'm at several brick walls. Later, I'll describe how I got where I am--today is for showing the lay of the land.

Here are my brick walls:
  • Ezekiel Johnson, born about 1846 in Missouri (probably Jackson or Clay counties); married Sarah Gibson or Gilbert, about 1867; seven children; descendants include Ezekiel E. Johnson, Jr., (1922-1998) and Marguerite Susan Griggs (1901-1991). Who were Ezekiel's parents?
  • James Long, born Mississippi about 1831. Moved to Kansas City, Missouri area. Father of at least five children, including Rev. James William Long (1862-1940/45), pastor of Sunrise Baptist Church on Kansas-Missouri stateline. Recent descendants include Lorrine Katherine Neal (1919-2002).
  • Richard William Gines, born about 1860, Bossier Parish, Louisiana. Married Sylvia LeJay (1863-1940) about 1882.
  • Lewis LeJay, born about 1835, Louisiana (probably De Soto Parish). Father of Sylvia LeJay. Married Syntrilla Brayboy (1850-1927). Father probably born in South Carolina; mother may have been born in Virginia. May be descendant of Isaac LeJay, 17th century Huegenot landowner in South Carolina.
  • William Brayboy, born about 1795, South Carolina. Presumed father of Syntrilla; wife Bettie, born about 1800.
  • Jane Manson, born 1826, Georgia. Lived in Talbot County in 1850. Mother of:
  • Matilda Manson, born 1843, Georgia. Lived in Upson County in 1880.
  • Mary Manson, born 1846, Georgia.
  • Peter Manson (1675-1721), York County, Virginia.
  • Johnathan Bowy, born 1651, Scotland.
  • Alfred Bryant, date/place of birth unknown. Father of Guy Bryant, born Texas (Corpus Christi area), 1858.

That's enough for now. Recognize any of these folks? Soon: How I got here.

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