Saturday, September 25, 2004

Blogged Out

My day job was quite complicated this past week, so there was very little time for quality research or blogging. I did find another excellent, easy-to-use Website in Missouri. This one's the Jackson County Records Department in Kansas City. Their on-line records search function is accessible from almost any main page on the Jackson County site. Available records include marriage licences, tax records, deeds, and more. I especially like the marriage licence area, because it has neat images of more recent licences.

A resource that deserves special mention is RootsWeb. This site is a treasure trove for genealogists--the candy store of Web-based info. (This blog is registered on the RootsWeb link registry). I get very excited every time I visit!

Well, I may be out of the country for about ten days--or then again, maybe not--, and if so, GeneaBlogie may be silent during that period--or then again, may be not!

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